Welcome to DeRuyter Online

DeRuyter Firemans Fair 2015

August 6th - 9th

Thank you to all the volunteers and visitors, We look forward to seeing you all next year for the 70th August 11 - 14th

Hunter Pace

October 10, 2015

8:30am to Noon

On this website you will be able to find out alot about DeRuyter and the surrounding area from history, lodging, businesses, services, upcoming events & So much more.

To add information such as local events like yards sales, fund raisers, ect. or if you have business, organization or service information that you would like added you can contact the webmaster at webmaster@deruyteronline.com
or you can contact Win Skeele at wskeele@deruyteronline.com with DOL in the subject line

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